The Inspiration


The Inspiration

The Nubeà inspiration has originated from the desire to reach harmony with Nature. What Nature creates lives – obviously – in a subtle balance with Human Beings and Human Beings, therefore, have the task of observing, studying and protecting this balance.

Nature – it is known – takes care of maintaining its creations healthy in ways belonging to Creation itself.inspiration_0

From this principle, Nubeà created a system of natural formulas for re-establishing the right skin balance acting precisely and delicately on the main anomalies of hair and scalp.

For this purpose, Nubeà chose essential oils and plant extracts to be the heart of its dermocosmetic formulas, both elements representing the highest peak of the biological evolution of aromatic plants.

It is now widely accepted that essential oils and plant extracts contain the highest medicinal and curative properties in the plant world.

From this awareness, supported by many years of scientific studies of the most eminent European naturalists, Nubeà researchers created the guidelines for appropriate formulas that do not jeopardize the delicate balance of hair and scalp.

Therefore, Nubeà only produces alcohol-free formulas and it uses surfactants of vegetable origins, the only delicate and skin-compatible (SLES free) surfactants – a guarantee for efficiency and results.